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Florian Tiles Terms of Sale

Please read our Terms and Conditions of Sale and register your agreement here..

  1. Orders are received and promises for despatch given - conditionally upon our being able to secure the necessary labour and materials and without responsibility for delays arising through risks and uncertainties of manufacture, strikes and other industrial action, accidents or other causes beyond our control. 
  2. No responsibility for goods damaged in transit, breakage, pilfering, shortages or delay in transit will be accepted by us under any circumstances unless the Carrier's Notes are marked accordingly and we are notified at once. 
  3. No claim can be entertained for incorrect fixing and although we may make recommendations for fixing methods, we cannot accept responsibility for same as we have no control of site labour conditions. 
  4. The right is reserved to refuse acceptance and cancellations or alterations to orders where goods are ready for despatch or in process of manufacture. 
  5. Liability for products supplied by us but not of our manufacture is restricted to the extent of the liability accepted by the manufacturers or suppliers of such products. 
  6. No liability is accepted for any of our products which after being purchased from us, undergo further manufacture or decorating process. 
  7. No liability is accepted in respect of crazing.

    Some glazes, particularly the heavier more reactive effects, used to achieve maximum depth of colour and character are subject to crazing. This feature is an inherent characteristic of these glazes.

    Some variation in shade or pattern may occur particularly in decorative effects. Before fixing you should ensure that the tiles purchased give an acceptable blend.
  8. Where tiles are illustrated in colour on any or of our leaflets or on our website, these colours are not necessarily true to life (Trade Descriptions Act). 
  9. The right is reserved to revise all prices and/or specifications at our discretion and without prior notification. 
  10. Title to the goods shall not pass to the customer and the goods shall remain the absolute property of Florian until such time as payment is made in full.